One world, One bike, One love

Darajoun Rahaloun is the first site in the Arab world for Cyclists Backpackers to support and teach cycling around the world. The site is the first in the world in Arabic besides English. Through this site, we aim to introduce the largest number of Cyclist Backpackers from different parts of the world and from various cultures in order to transfer the largest possible number of experiences so that we can exchange experiences in the field of bicycle travel, and thus open the prospects for cooperation and thus the dissemination of various information on its diversity becomes easy. For the purpose of motivation, such as the adventures experienced by cyclists and their harsh and enjoyable experiences as well, the site also provides training lessons on everything that concerns preparations for a short or long trip.

Our slogan throughout this initiative ”One world, One bike, One love”.

Darajoun Rahaloun was founded in June 2020.

Since the establishment until this day, we have succeeded in harnessing the bicycle and supporting and framing the cyclists to work in the humanitarian, awareness, social and voluntary aspect. We have collected donations in cooperation with many independent and governmental civil parties and provided aid to some areas in Tunisia. We also adopt campaigns in All countries of the world …


The reasons for creating the group

The main reason behind the establishment of this site is to build a different mentality for the traveler, so that the bike is not for him a sport that brings fun and entertainment, but rather a means of achieving acculturation and cultural exchange as it integrates among the residents of the areas targeted in his visit. It is also possible to provide free lessons on cycling, and other equipment Before traveling, prepare the trip and build a successful plan for a successful trip.

The goals for which the group was founded
  • Spreading the culture of travel and adventure around the Arab world.
  • Providing moral and logistical support to each cyclist.
  • Encourage exercise.
  • Call to reduce the use of mobile devices that pollute the environment.
  • Consolidating awareness to conserve nature and water.
  • Uniting world travelers to spread the culture of love and peace among peoples.
  • Raising donations for the affected areas and contributing to the Red Crescent, UNICEF, the United Nations …
How to join the group

Our group is open to every Cyclist Backpackers around the world, you’re cyclist! Then you are part of Darajoun Rahaloun Group. As for joining, it is to adopt the ideas of the group and support its work and activities internationally. For more information, please contact us via e-mail. Thank you

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In order to spread the culture of cycling as an environmentally friendly tourism method, all our trips were successful and special! We have identified marginalized areas and turned our attention to them.



The bicycle is a link for love and charitable work

Our goal is to contribute to charitable work, as we have succeeded to this day in harnessing the bike for charitable and voluntary work, as our group was the link between the aid and the beneficiary.


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