"Earth Friends" project

Introduction of the competition

Participate with us in the “Earth Friends” project, because we live together on this wonderful planet that needs your effort to be able to protect nature, which is besieged by dangers from every side.
Therefore, we, as nomadic riders around the world, must unite against the deluge of deadly pollution for every beauty on the face of this land.
Do you want to Contribute to this noble work ? Your work will have a great impact and impact as a traveler on your bike.
You will contribute to spreading the culture of preserving the environment and planting a tree every opportunity you have.
The idea is very simple and can be implemented on the ground. It will have a good impact on our surroundings, which suffer a lot due to the misbehavior of many third parties.
Officially! The time has come for us to change and say no to pollution, yes to planting trees. We will all unite for a more beautiful, more secure and peaceful world for us and for future generations.

To participate and obtain the “Earth Friends” medal presented from the “Earth Friends” association in cooperation with Darajoun Rahaloun.

✔️ A traveler should plant one or more trees, the more the number, the better.

✔️ Documenting the tree planting process with ten photos and a short one-minute video clip, and sending the files via WhatsApp number (+216 99 236 157).

✔️ A committee is held at the beginning of each season seasons of the year, to choose the best work. The winner will be honored with a medal “Earth Friends”, Association Earth Friends undertakes to deliver the gift to travelers anywhere around the world.

✔️ After the end of the demonstration, all the photos of the participants will be published on the darajoun-rahaloun website, and all participants will be honored by obtaining certificates signed by the site management.

We count on your enthusiasm, and let the traveling cyclist be the best ambassador to roam the exhausted land to draw a smile on its mountains and between its plains of joy


  • Contribute to spreading the culture of preserving the environment.
  • Union for a more beautiful, more secure and peaceful world for us and for future generations.

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