سويار الذي قام بأصعب الرحلات حول العالم

We traveled 185 km in a day with heavy equipment on a bike. Thank you to the people of Shabeka and Ahwaz Kairouan for the warm reception. Thank you Mr. Sahbi Al-Mukhtari for following up and ensuring the security of the group. May God bless the livelihood of Khona Osama and thank his parents for hosting the group in their home, especially a greeting to his mother For a delicious dinner.

The morning of nature and the air is pure from the comforts in the countryside of Kairouan. We enjoy the bread of the pastures, the smell of firewood, and the stages of preparation here. The pleasure and beauty, and an international Arabic breakfast, honey, olive oil and Arabic bread…

The road to Hafouz, with the sunrise and the light breezes of cold, the journey of departing riders continues in the countryside of the Aghlabids, and they are happy with the warm reception by the people in particular and their generosity and thanks also to the civil society associations in Al-Masa’id and Hafouf for the follow-up and supervision

Conclusion of the trip Aghlabid Castle History of Muslim Tunisia As usual, the people of Kairouan, headed by Mr. Sahbi Al-Mukhtari, receive the group with delicious food that the city specializes in, Jawajem uncle Saleh, a plate of Kaftaji and semolina bread. The work of the predecessors and how many worlds and religions left through its door, and how many great men and nobles of Tunisia walked on its court, more than a paradise between the breezes of the night and the quiet silence of darkness.


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