سويار الذي قام بأصعب الرحلات حول العالم

On the island of Kerkennah, the first night on this wonderful archipelago, interspersed with the experience of riding the “Lord of Tunis” 30 km in the middle of the sea, as if you had given up on everything. The sea that has no limits! In short, Kerkennah is an archipelago of beauty and peace, despite the difficulties between transportation, equipment transfer and verification procedures, but finally it is the most beautiful choice for our new experience.

It’s a piece of heaven! The archipelago of Kerkennah enchanted us. We no longer feel the pain of our feet, nor the weight of what we carry behind us. We just walk and enjoy every day. Those roads are decorated with palm trees on the right and the sea on the left. Using the “Monowalker” we traveled more than 80 km around the island, our goal now is to live in this paradise and touch beauty with our souls and bodies.

After two days walking, it was enough to discover some of the beauty of the Kerkennah archipelago. These are details that cannot be overlooked. The dry crusty bread (seamen’s food) hangs from palms along the road in large quantities. You can eat as you like, sunset continues for hours and leaves a red thread trace on the sea and sunrise. Stars are reflected on the surface of the water, we have met many nice people from the feet of water, bread and all help as much as they can. The pictures tell the beauty of the island and the journey continues on the Monowalker.

I gave a motivational lecture on cycling and environmental conservation among more than 25 students and other attendees from Kerkennah and Sfax. I was happy to meet them and answer all their questions, I shared my humble experience with them (Blogger, Rahal Fatbike, Adventurer Monowalker) I explained to them the Monowalker method, which we are currently experimenting with on their island archipelago, I touched in them a great passion and love for experiences of travel and discovery, and I hope that the youth of today will travel tomorrow. New, all the best to them and we were honored to meet them during our passage through their beautiful area of ​​Ramle, in coordination with Mr. Mustafa (Summer Center and Camping Ramle Kerkennah), who worked hard to make this meeting the first of its kind on Kerkennah Island and with such meetings we build a generation that loves sports and nature.

We also gathered a meeting with Abdo, a creative traveler and cyclist, and his project worthy of the Kerkennah Archipelago, at the Discover Kerkennah Beauty and Sports headquarters. A tour of the old Mellitah and our discovery of the headquarters of the alternative tourism project. Thank you for the accompaniment and the supplies you provided us.

During our trip along the archipelago working and learning, this time we tried spinning with Ziad and his father, we were exhausted by collecting nets, cleaning them and returning them to the place of throwing. Later, the food after work was really delicious, it was a pleasure to eat what you caught after the trouble of pulling over the boat and a long walk to fetch the nets. The work of the sea is hard and it nurtures in you the spirit of patience and generosity, an island rich in fishing traditions and treasures of marine sciences inherited in the minds of eras. Our journey continues 100 km barefoot “Monowalker”.

No matter how much we try to describe the Kerkennah Archipelago to you, we will not succeed in that. Every inch of this land surrounded by sea water holds secrets and mysteries that lead you to live among them until you understand their nature. They are just like the ocean. Notation and documentation. The camera does not stop checking all the details. We spent here nine days, four of which we decided not to buy anything, so we ate the pomegranate fruit from its ripe tree, and we enjoyed the moist palms, and fed us on fishing and clay bread. We communicated with all kinds of people there, and we interviewed young and old, even those who refused to speak. We know his fear and we seek excuses for him. They were wonderful events that we had not heard about before! Here in this archipelago, we see ourselves in the University of Marine Science, Fishing and Geography, where the terrain varies, here in Kerkennah the scales are reversed so that the depth becomes the height in the folds between the small islands and the cliff. Every place has details and secrets, but this island is ruled by magic that makes you relate to it since the first meeting, and you fall in love with it, so what if you spend a lifetime there! We were surprised by the people’s longing for it and its beauty! But when we spent days on her land, we understood their obsession with her and their overwhelming longing for the wetness of her palms and the boats of her sea, which is a mixture of warm love and the taste of parting that believes in returning one day. Kerkennah Island, the land of magic and heart-stealing is, in the moments of sunset enchant you and the time of sunrise captivates your mind and between the stillness of its night and the warmth of its day captivates you… A witch is like a mermaid and like fairies binds you and makes you imprisoned by her beauty and magic Yes, a witch, woe to everyone who is attached With it, its nets hijack the mind and the soul!!!


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