Rahal Kenitra, 5 years of continuous travel

Rahal Kenitra, 5 years of continuous travel


6 Years

65 k KM

Our exclusive interview with Rahal Kenitra, 5 years of continuous travel ! Who does not know the Moroccan backpacker and the adventurous boxer who made traveling a joy with his simple equipment and his playful way. The numbers of the young man are inspiring, as he toured around Africa and the Asian tour is currently going on, Traveling since 2016 has not returned home! It has covered more than 65,000 km, and some distances are unknown. We contacted Adel, and his heart was glad, and frankly, he is a humble adventurer, despite everything he does, refusing to appear in the media and the spotlight. At the beginning of the dialogue about his accomplishments, he said what people see as a miracle. I see it as a normal thing. I travel by bicycle. Others travel by plane and have all their hobbies. The traveler focused his words on the fact that the cyclist should not exaggerate in complimenting himself and all the focus is on the goals and enjoying the trip. Adel told us about his beginning with a bike whose price does not exceed $70 only! His next plans are clear despite Corona and the closure of the borders for months, and he is stuck in Vietnam for today, but he will not return to Morocco, where he said I will continue the adventure. We will have a video interview with the traveler later so that it will benefit everyone. We enjoyed talking to him. I say it is the traveler’s morals and humility or not being just. It is to enjoy your trip and be happy, thank you Adel and good luck to you brother 👏 Do you still doubt that the bicycle refines the soul and body?


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