RJ Sauer who has made the most difficult trips around the world

rj sauer Family


3 Months

12 Miles

9 Countries

Sawyer is a writer and commercials producer who has made the most difficult trips around the world.
He lived in Alaska and across many remote areas around the world. The man not only did that, but also cultivated a love of adventure and discovery in his beautiful family, accompanied by his wife and son, living the life he wanted with no limits to fear.
We asked Sawyer: Traveling with the family, what is your goal for it?
He said: The goal of our winter fatbike trip was to go out as a family to adventure and discover a new path, especially after they had been quarantined during the pandemic. Any time we spend together on the road is an opportunity to bond
Question: What are the benefits that your son gained from a trip?
He said: We started out with little adventures one day to make sure Oliver was excited to have him in the trailer and as long as he kept him excited, we continued to expand our travels.
It was an opportunity for our son to expand his horizons and experience new challenges first hand, touching nature, watching animals…
Question: What is your motivational message to our followers, especially married couples?
He said: I encourage other parents who love cycling and camping to try family cycling.
It’s a great way to connect, be outdoors, and bond.


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