What is bikepacking?

Travel and take with you the most important and least weight is important, way that is considered a modern way to organize and align the bedding on the bike, whatever its type. This is an explanation of all the bags that can be used, summarized in three points, and all the focus is on carrying a lot with the lightest weight

1: Fixing the bags in the steering wheel to carry the sleeping bag, the cold-insulating mattress and the tent….

2: It is installed in the arm of the chair from behind the type of this bag. It is the lightest and easiest to install and disassemble, and it has a good absorption capacity 10 to be used for supplies and some furniture…

3: It is placed in the triangle of the frame and is intended for repair tools and the charging bank and other…

The way to organize the bike makes it much easier for the backpacker because the system and beauty provide psychological comfort to work with everything you carry, and you can add other bags on the bike, but this is the most important thing.


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