Mohsen El Haram, simple equipment, big dreams

" Al Haram" a cyclist made simplicity


3 Years

6000 Km

1 Countries

“Mohsen Al Haram” a cyclist made simplicity a title despite some shortcomings in the equipment. He steps steadily to prove himself, and during his travels he makes a path full of pleasure and happiness. A young man is an example of the diligent adventurer who never gives up.


We asked Mohsen : Introduce yourself, your age and your country. How did your passion for travel begin…?

He said : My name Mohsen Haram, age 28, from Morocco. Casablanca, the economic capital; The passion for traveling began in 2014, and the beginning was the experience of traveling on foot, then after that in 2015 I started traveling by bicycle, and it was a wonderful experience, and then the addiction to traveling by bicycle began. It is a passion that runs through my veins

Question: What is your purpose of travel?

He said: My goal and dream of traveling by bicycle is to discover Morocco completely and visit all Moroccan cities and regions. Thank God, the dream came true and I visited all Moroccan regions, regions, regions and cities, thanks to God Almighty. It took me 8 years of traveling with my humble bike.

Question: What are the main difficulties you face?

He said: As for the difficulties that I encounter, there is no specific matter in traveling as much as I find difficulties in people not understanding and appreciating this passion and the fatigue of the traveler.

Question: Is money an obstacle to financing the trip and how to act?

He said: The financial aspect is my only obstacle to not going on an adventure outside the country, and also personal family matters that stand in the way of achieving this dream, which is to go on an adventure outside the country and dive into the jungles of Africa.

Question: Tell us about your most important trips?

He said: Among the most important of my trips are my trips that were in the winter in the midst of snow, because traveling in this atmosphere with simple equipment is very difficult, and despite that, it taught me a lot of patience, determination, endurance, and adaptation to the harsh climate.

Question: What are your dreams and plans for the future?

He said: My dreams and future plans, which have haunted me for a long time, is diving into an interesting adventure in the jungles of Africa, and why not visit the holy shrines of Makkah and Madinah, God willing.

Question: What are your tips for those who want to travel on a bike?

He said: My advice to those who want to experience traveling by bicycle is to start traveling with the available equipment and start with small distances to gradually adapt and take experience on the road. As for my motivational message, it is unleash your bike, discover the outside world and get out of the boring lifestyle


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