Dar Wnaiess

“Dar Wnaiess” is our strategic location for moving and the linking point between all the places that we discovered during our trip, and since our arrival we moved to live in this newly established project in the (Al-Shbbak) area outside the city of Smar, 16 km away. It consists of rooms dating back more than 90 years. The house is historical in an old architectural style, it was restored and the same materials were used previously from the early ancestors. It was built on adjoining rooms. We were provided with food and water, and we arranged ourselves during each stage by returning to the same place “Dar Wnaiess” because it overlooked all the important areas Around Al-Sammar and in the middle of it, on a high slope, from it we headed to :

  • (Shu’bah Hamra, Caves, Old rooms)
  • (Asherib, Moon Surface, Galb Halouf, Oasis El Flit)
  • (Ain Charchara, Ksar El Ain, Sebkhet Areg Mkhizene)
  • (Shu’bat Al-Dhiba, Shrine of  M’hamed Al-Sayeh, Oasis Ghomid, Roman Tower, Kasbah Al-Saboon)

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(+216) 99 032 459

(+216) 28 011 546

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General Tips:

✔️ You can try all the stages in five days, you will not need a lot of equipment, you are free to sleep inside the rooms or camp around the perimeter of the residence.

✔️ The rate of security and safety is very high and the residents are kind and cooperative.

✔️ All materials are available to supply water, food and all life necessities.

✔️ The best time to visit the area coincides with the launch date of the International Festival in Somar in the month of May, and you can visit the place throughout the year.

✔️ There is absolutely no danger from poisonous insects, just avoid entering the caves unaccompanied and make sure your foot is located in every step.

✔️ For people with sensitive skin, use a sun protection cream at the neck level and do not wash in any salt water spring, only use magella water or clean water bottles.

✔️ No sound, environmental or light pollution Very quiet place.

Photography, Documentation:

✔️ Night photography is available due to the lack of light pollution outside Al-Sammar, starting from nine o’clock at night until dawn.

✔️ In the residence you will find an escort who will explain to you all the secrets of the destinations.

Cleaning and Cooking Supplies:

✔️ Hygiene facilities are available, including a house to rest and shower

✔️ It has cooking utensils and a special place for cooking on firewoo


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