Detailed description of the travel methods with pictures

A series compiled to introduce some ways to travel by bicycle produced by our page. Under each picture you will find a search link and a detailed explanation in Arabic, as we said, there are 60 ways around the world. Choose what helps you and makes you happy and go.

The bikerappelling, from his name, we understand that he needs climbing experience and requires a lot of effort and caution, as the cyclist travels on his bike between tall mountains and rocks and does not use ordinary roads. It is enough to think about the weight carried on the back during climbing and descending from heights and the high degree of danger In this experience, “Manuel” is considered the most specialized American backpacker in the world and a professional bike rappelling, as he explored many mountainous regions around the world.

The journey is an adventure that has no limits and the utmost madness.

The bikerafting of its name understands the bicycle and rowing, they are travelers whose tours are through rough mountain roads and need a light boat to move between valleys and lakes, the load of their equipment is heavier and complex, and their adventure is dangerous.

This world is full of experiences and plans, just decide to travel And you will find a thousand recipes and ideas for you.


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