Jasmin is a mother who is going on a journey with her child

Jasmin is a mother who is going on a journey with her child


1 Years

3000 Km

3 Countries

Jesse is a mother who is going on a trip with her child alone without any support or experience. Her goal is to reach Morocco from Germany, despite the overload of the cart and the accident that caused her to twist her leg. She did not give up.


We asked Jasmin : What is your purpose for this trip?

She said : My goal for this trip is to spend quality time with my son in nature. We both only have a few clothes and can only own a few toys which were difficult for him at first. I think this simple lifestyle and time away from big cities is better in nature …

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Question: Is traveling with a child easy and what are its benefits?

Sey said: You sure feel more tired when you travel with a child than you do when you travel alone. It starts in the morning when you have to pack all the things for two and not one, get dressed for two, take care of your baby etc. like a mountain. When you arrive and want to rest, you can’t because then your child wants to use all his energy that he couldn’t spend yet. So no rest until he sleeps which is very difficult some days. Anyway, I don’t want it any other way.. 

I don’t care about climbing to the highest mountains or being the fastest, I like to see the beauty of our world through the eyes of my son. It’s so beautiful when he shows me animals he’s seen in nature that I’ve missed. The dread in his eyes is priceless. And besides all that, our relationship became very strong. We were always close but now it’s different, and I think it’s more intense.

Thank you, Jesse, despite the commitment to the itinerary of a trip that gave us the honor of dialogue.

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