سويار الذي قام بأصعب الرحلات حول العالم

The trip of the Traveling Riders members will be this time to the Northwest to discover the Testour. – With the participation of the Women’s Association, Keys to Test Mona Boubakri – In the hospitality of the Sports Association Al-Barq Al-Tasuri, Samir Boulila – The camp was invited by Mr. Muhammad Al-Juwayni, the owner of the Testour swing project.

From Testour, we headed to the agricultural area (Tabaqa) in beautiful ways that are worth the effort and to reach the camping site in the site of the Testour hammock and dinner in a camp from the top of the summit overlooking the Testour that glows at night .

Fun morning breakfast in the arms of nature and a tour of the Arab city before departure, beautiful Tunisia.


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