Cyclist Paola Berber is the first tour coordinator and tour leader in Mexico

Cyclist Paola Berber, leader of tours in Mexico

Paola Berber



1 Years

15000 Km

17 Countries

“Paola Berber”, a 27-year-old Mexican girl, is embarking on an adventure. She visited 15 countries, traveled more than 15 thousand km. The first experience was from Paris to Rabat, after which she set off for Asia and the Americas. She is one of the organizers of exploration trips and a tour leader in Mexico.


We asked a young Mexican woman : What is the best and worst thing that happened to you? 

Paola said : The best that happened was the sympathy of some of the people who helped me along the journey. Many people understand that you came from far away to make a great effort to learn about the world and try to make you feel at home. I like when girls see me, get excited and say hello to each other. The worst is the ugly thing I think there are people who belittle you for being a woman. They tell me things like, “I don’t think you’ll be able to go far with this heavy bike,” or “I’m a weak woman and I have to do something else in her life.” I obviously ignore them and keep going.

Question: What recommendations would you give to other women  Who would like to start their bike journey ?

She said: I think if you want to try it, you should be encouraged. They don’t need to be high-performance athletes to travel by bike, their experience is gained day in and day out. If they know nothing about cycling then some things will be learned on the road, and others can be asked within the cycling community. Personally my first bike ride was challenging and I have to admit that I had never felt safe on the road before, but little by little I lost my fear and gained more confidence.


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