A strong girl who loves sports

Najat is a young Moroccan woman with many hobbies and activities


1 Years

16000 Km

South Maroc

A strong girl who loves sports of all kinds, a light-hearted and ambitious traveler! Najat Essalhi is a young Moroccan woman with many hobbies and activities. A traveler who uses bikepacking and biketouring. She traverses an interesting road with her excursions between forests and high altitudes on dirt roads and snow, during her last trip she traveled by bicycle at an altitude of more than 2000 m. Let’s say she is the one with special assignments, her way of traveling shows the amount of maturity and artistry. Najat is also an activist in an effective women’s association and an activist in civil society.


We asked Najat : Introduce yourself, talk about anything you want How old are you, your country, how did your passion for travel begin ?

She said : My name is Najat Essalhi from Morocco. I practice a variety of sports, including traveling by bicycle I work as the director of a feminist social center, and this latter enabled me to carry out several activities, in the framework of the associative charitable work, which facilitated many opportunities for me to discover my country, and from here was the beginning.

Question : What is your goal for travel ?

She said : My goal in traveling first is to discover Morocco, my country, in full, secondly, to discover the world.

Question: As a woman, is traveling without an escort easy?

She said: It Traveling without an escort is not difficult or impossible. Just take precaution and caution, before any adventure, be prepared and anticipate some problems and the way to solve them, and most importantly rely on God and respect and imitate the people of each region, arm themselves with good words, help people if possible, and in turn They will be generous to you.

Question: What are the most important difficulties you face ? 

She said: Among the difficulties that I encountered, but there are some unprotected places or unpaved and dangerous roads that require caution, The difficulties I encountered: frankly, I did not consider them problems or difficulties as much as I considered them experiences that taught me a set of things, among the difficulties, my last trip in the Middle Atlas and on the third day of the trip, I was late in setting out in the morning, this made me late a lot and the road is unpaved and I have no place I could camp in it because it made me commutes at night, dangerous roads, ferocious dogs, and a lack of lighting.

Question: Is money an obstacle to financing the trip and how to act ?

She said: Money is very important in any trip that makes you feel comfortable financially, you will not have to ask for help, for example, according to me, I carry with me twice as much as I will need to provide food for something or something unexpected might happen, but this does not mean that I buy, what I do not need, but rather what I need and eat without Wasteful I know how much I eat in each meal, not to mention that I can cook I do not need to eat fast.

Question: Tell us about your most important travels, how many distances did you travel ?

She said: One of the most important trips, in the year 2019, was the southeast trip, which started from the cities of Skhirat towards the city of Qalaat Mgouna, a 15-day trip that passed through several beautiful tourist areas such as the city of Khenifra, Imchil, Boumalne Dades, Castle Mgouna and Midelt …., and another that started from the city of Fez towards The city of Taza, passing through Ahrammoua, Tafert, Mount Pueblane and Magrawa.. Another started from the city of Azrou through the forest to the city of Khenifra, passing through mountains, valleys, and very picturesque areas such as Zawiya Ifrane, Lake Wewan, Oum al-Rabi`, Lake Azkaza and Taklamameen.. And another also started from the city of Gersif towards North of Morocco, passing through the city of Berkane, Tafogalt and Nador….

Question: Najat what are your dreams and future plans ?

She Said: My plans are frankly related to my hobbies. Currently and during this period, I paused a little to create my project. It is a place that motivates women and children to practice sports. Bringing a beautiful space with good equipment to the target groups. I share with them what I learned from traveling. These things are among my dreams, and after years, God willing, my goal Develop and disseminate what I do instead of being local, why not be patriotic.

Question: What are your tips for those who want to experience traveling on a bike ?

She said: My advice to those who love this sport is to take the initiative and do not hesitate, as it is a very beautiful sport through which you discover the regions of your country or the world. Why not, you maintain your balance, your grace, your health, your mind and your thinking, which enables you to plan the rational good in your future and other things.

The more you discover, the more your perspective on life will change.


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