Christian Erregger around the world 11 years & 87 countries

Christian 11 years of traveling

Christian Erregger



11 Years

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86 Countries

“Christian Erregger” an adventurer around the world for more than 11 years, he has been riding his bike non-stop, despite reaching 44 years of age. His passion has not been extinguished, and he has not been satisfied with entering 86 countries, as he recently toured around Saudi Arabia, where he discovered the generosity of Arabs.


We asked Christian Erregger : Introduce yourself, your age, your country, your hobby

He said : My name is Christian Erregger, I am 44 Years Old and come from Austria.
I lead a rather unusual life, traveling around the world with no home or large possessions.
Everything I own has space on my bike and I use it.
When I was 19, I allready was drawn to faraway places.
Spent 10 years in Asia and has now visited 86 countries on all continents.
I have been traveling by bike for 11 years, but I also go on longer hikes and work in between to finance my trips.

Question: What are your most important experiences in traveling on a bicycle ?

He said: Only recently I had had a very intense experience in the African bush.
I had a lion family around my tent at night. Again and again they came to the tent, curiously biting holes in it, sticking their snouts under the tent.
The whole thing lasted until 8 o’clock in the morning, when I finally managed to light a fire in front of the tent.
That scared the lions away.
I packed my things on the bike as soon as possible, I had about 4 km through dense bush to the road.
I pushed my bike towards the street when suddenly a fat bull elephant stood in front of me and started to chase me loudly with a trumpet.
I zig zag my bike like crazy through the bush and managed to escape the elephant.
When I got to the road I had two flat tires so I stopped the first car and hitchhiked the last 50 km to Nata in Botswana.
That was probably the craziest experience of my life.

Question: Your visit to Arab countries. How was your impression about it?

He said: I have already been able to travel to a number of Arab countries by bike.
And every country is slightly different.
But they all have one thing in common, warm hospitality!
If you respect their culture, which you should do in any country on earth, a wonderful insight into ancient traditions, food and deep belief in their religion awaits you.
At the moment I’m traveling in Saudi Arabia, a country that only recently opened up to tourists, so the attention that cyclists encounter is very high.
I haven’t been to Tunisia yet, but it’s at the top of my list.

Question: How did you finance your trip, was money a barrier?

He said: As I mentioned, I don’t own much.
I also don’t have any fixed costs, such as room rent or a car. Between my travels I work as a chef in Austria in a ski resort.
The money I earn there i use for my travels.
I don’t buy anything I don’t need, Live modestly and so it is possible for me to travel the world by bike.

Question: What are your tips for those who want to travel on a bicycle ?

He said: Take your time and don’t plan too much ahead.
Let yourself drift more and be open to everything that can happen on the way.
If possible, get a paper map of the country and talk to the locals about interesting and scenic routes. Let the route emerge along the way. Start early and start looking for a campsite early enough.
Be patient when people keep asking you the same questions, you might be the first bike traveler they meet.

Question: What are the most important difficulties you experienced during your adventure ?

He said: The roads of Namibia, mainly gravel roads, long distances with no possibilities for food and water were a big challenge.

Question: What is your message to our followers ?

He said: Grab your bike and see the world.
Get an idea of ​​our beautiful planet with its diverse landscapes and different cultures.

Be open to everything and show respect and don’t judge but try to understand 


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