Jose is a man who loved bike

Jose is a man who loved bike


4 Years

30000 Km

41 Countries

Jose Javier left his government job and went around the world on his bike. Three years ago, he crossed more than 30,000 km across Europe, Africa and now roams the continent of Latin America, a young man full of positive energy and a smile he draws on everyone he meets on the way.


We asked Jose : Introduce yourself to us?

They said : My name is Jose Javier and I am from Spain. I am 37 years old and have been working in the police before I started my journey. I decided to quit my job and ride my bike to visit Europe first, Africa and now South America I have done more than 30,000 km and 4 years.

Question: What is your goal for this trip?

They said: My goal is to know the world. Meet new people from different countries who can help me see how people around the world live. Trying on a bike can only be achieved because it is cheap and the best way to stay close to people.

Question: What is your impression about the Arab countries you visited?

They said: I was in Tunisia. Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal all these Arab countries, for me they were the best countries I’ve been to. The people are the most amazing, everyone was so kind to me and always helping me everywhere. I want to come back in the future because I have families that I love and friends that I love.

Question: What is your motivational message to our followers?

They said: The first is “going out”, don’t think too much, just go after that, don’t spend a lot of money on materials, money is for travel, for knowledge, not on equipment and his bike. If your bike fails or breaks down, don’t worry, people will help you. We have one life not to lose in a sad and bored life.


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