How do I fund my trip and convince sponsors to support me

How do I finance my trip and convince companies to sponsor me ?

The biggest obstacle to realizing some of the dreams and pursuing the love of discovery and adventure in front of the cyclist is money.
We will try to detail the problems and propose some solutions that can be successful with some, what we are going to present in this section are experiences that we have made us advance the dream and win sponsors to accompany us in our bike trips or on foot and create our platform on cycle tourism culture.

Don’t be a lazy traveler, but enjoy your experiences :

– Speech especially for travelers from the Arab world, that financing a private trip is expensive inside or outside the country and over time you will get bored and the heavy expenses will also destroy you a feeling that uplifts you. mind and you start asking yourself, what have you gained from all that I do?
Apart from the pleasure that the adventure will give you, there are other things that you must use, your precious time on the roads, your meetings with the inhabitants of the places of destination, your communication with the civil or governmental associations.. .
All of this is to be taken into consideration as you are a traveler taking with you secrets and experiences with certain camera images. Changing reality and your words can have a big impact. If you write a good article, you will find support through sharing. We are against and do not encourage dependency and the search for free accommodation for food or shelter, because the traveler who depends a lot on people is condemnable and fruitless. He’s just an opportunist who will die out sooner or later.

How do I finance my trip and my projects around adventure and discovery ?

There are many methods that can be tried, and all of them are successful, and the percentage of failure is due to the lack of experience in oral or written communication, or unconvincing personal achievements in the negotiation session on sponsoring your travel and adoption of your projects around the adventure.
Let’s start by analyzing the problem step by step.First of all, you must have an organized personal database such as an official website, professional accounts on social networks … The account should not contain topics on politics, ethnic conflicts, discussions and images that do not express your cycling patience because any famous person, especially since the majority of them are from Western countries, will immediately notice these points and cut off the dialogue with you because you are an unconvincing human being and will consider you as someone who can not take responsibility and dealing with you will not help! Therefore, create personal accounts that know what you do, where you publish your news, visits, ideas and be a reliable electronic ID (we will explain later how to be an adventurer with a professional account)
Let’s start by explaining the easiest way for trips that are done inside the country, especially and also succeed outside the country, but with a small percentage, is to present the idea of your trip to civil or governmental associations. the leaders of associations, most of them will finance your trip, such as food, lodging, special clothing, and whatever you ask them to do a trip that serves their projects and at the same time you will invest in it to make yourself an ambassador of social work, but this is the way of travel and temporary projects and it can not Your development and support for your future projects, so later we advise you to prepare a complete record of your most important achievements, noting all the trips you have done on the bike or any other way to talk about you and your personality. Write down what you want to do after five years or more, if you have a charity, social, environmental project…
This would be better because most extension workers want to do this, especially since their name will be associated with something beneficial to the community. Just open the Word file and start making a convincing mathematical biography, very similar to the professional biography that we apply when looking for a job, the matter is simple write A few words about your personality and ambitions Talk about everything in your heart and mind Free your dreams is an opportunity to discover yourself and say how brave you are yes I am here and I can do a lot Trust what I say! !!

Don’t hesitate, you won’t pay for sending this CV! After writing the sports biography and making sure there are no writing errors, send it to those you wish to communicate with inside or outside your country. Personally, I advise you to write a CV in English, and I did this about two years ago. I contacted more than 60 companies around the world specializing in the sale of cycling equipment, adventure and discovery supplies, and some sports magazines. Most of them respected my ideas and responded to my request and contacted me even those who refused the idea of sponsorship and provide you with an important moral stimulation and wish you success in your future sporting life, and after a long wait, I managed to convince only 3 companies, some of which supported me financially and the other with equipment, and that was a private company in the manufacture of American bicycle accessories, an American sports magazine and a Tunisian company. Frankly, it is tiring and requires a lot of patience, because you will be faced with many questions. Some of the dialogues lasted three months and more. Even the last sponsor I convinced was after a year-long marathon of discussions to reconcile points of view!

The lesson is learned, you have to be patient and be patient… You can send in your application this year, but it will be respectfully rejected for what you are proposing, but try to grow and submit another application next year. Don’t give up, you won’t lose anything!

Also, focus in your dialogue with them on the environmental aspect, the human aspect, almost 100% You will be rejected if you don’t have a vision on your ideas and their development.

Conclusion and most important points:

1 – Create social accounts or a website that talks about you.

2 – Create a bio about what you do and want to do in the future.

3 – Have an ambitious idea and be patient and resilient during your journey.

Finally, we wish you good luck, be proud of yourself, you are a Cyclists Backpakers .


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