سويار الذي قام بأصعب الرحلات حول العالم

The trip to the coast will witness special meetings and meetings, within the scope of introducing the tourist bike, traveling and adventure, and communicating with the rest of the sports and associations.
 The full program of invitations addressed to us, which will be on our itinerary :
1 – Sidi Bouali, guests of Mrs. Leila Mazaki and Kawthar Ben Hamouda Khalif to attend the inauguration of a new association, Zembra-Kodia for culture, heritage and environment protection.
2 – Sousse, hosted by the president of the association, Chaker Boufares, a meeting of acquaintance and exchange of experiences with members of We Bike in Sousse.
3 – Takrouna, a tour and camping in the Berber village hosted by the Forum Knowledge Forum in Enfidha with Mr. Karim Yazidi.
4 – Hammamet, guests of Golf Citrus, Golf Association of Hammamet to attend the youth final, at the invitation of Mrs. Iman Chateli.

The first stage of the coastal trip. The departure was at dawn at the meeting point, Mornag. We enjoyed a multi-curved road, mountain slopes and forests along the way, passing through Jabal al-Rasas and behind Mount Zaghouan, 125 km harsh despite fatigue and exhaustion. The wind and weather were very hot and dangerously winding. The distance and arrival on time to participate in the inauguration of the Association for Culture and Heritage Sidi Bouali for Mrs. Leila Mazarki.

By special invitation, the traveling riders of the Zembra Kodia Association for Culture and Heritage participated in the inauguration of the new baby in Sidi Bouali. Thank you, Mrs. Leila, the president of the association, for the reception, accompanied by the municipal councilor and several civil society activists and associations, from the beginning of the city entrance to accompany the riders to the inauguration site of the association. The group breakfast party and all the performances that were presented in our presence, the dance of the beauties and the arrival of the young riders, a classy cultural poetry session, then a tour of the village and enjoy some unpaved roads and finally heading to the wonderful camping place and dinner with a night under the stars with a group of escorts from his scouts and The president of the associations of Sousse, Mrs. Kawthar Ben Hamouda, who accompanied us in all our movements, moment by moment.

The morning breakfast was flavored with talking about history and culture, and we invited Mrs. Laila Mazaraki, who proved her love and support for the bike, and happy that the cyclist, writer and poet continued with some of your gifts. I liked the best friend of the book, and all thanks and appreciation to Mr. Moncef, one of the symbols of the old scouts for his hospitality and Sponsorship at the soon-to-be-opened eco-camping center in an attractive location.

We returned to the agricultural roads to meet the We Bike In sousse Association, God willing.

Sousse, the jewel of the coast, the journey continues in the hospitality of Farouk, one of the members of We Bike in Sousse. You meet to get acquainted and communicate, happy that everyone accepts the idea and the union

At the invitation of the president of the We Bike in Sousse Association, we were guests for a dinner on the beautiful sea of Hergla. Thank you, the Sousse team, and all appreciation to Brother Shaker for his reception and encouragement for traveling riders. A wonderful and enjoyable meeting. We got to know and communicated with the members of the association in a tight but rich and fruitful time for cooperation Together later, God willing.

We bid farewell to Jamal Hergla, and the entrance to the Grand Castle and the exit from Hergla has been secured with the escort of Farouk from We Bike in Sousse. Thank you to all of the Sousse Association and more brilliance to upgrade the bike. We do not forget all those who ensured the comfort and safety of the Rahalon riders, according to Mrs. Kawthar Ben Hamouda. You embarrassed me with all you do in providing accommodation and accompanying us in any movement along the way in the jewel of the coast.

In Hammamet, a special welcome to all the Darajoun Rahaloun team by Citrus Golf, a tour to get acquainted with the people of golf and experience the rules of the game .


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